Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie, which has been established in Luxembourg since the beginning of the 1990s, offers tailored and reassuring tax consultancy services to its clients in both direct and indirect taxation Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie not only cooperates with the finest experts abroad, where many of its clients are established, but it also helps clients in setting up companies under Luxembourg law..

Entrée Sassel

As essential partners of your company, our chartered accountants ensure the link between your business and economic, legal and financial stakeholders. Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie can also ensure book-keeping for accounts and payroll for both companies and sole traders.


Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie was established in 1990 in the form of a public limited company under Luxembourg law. It is registered in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under No B 34239 – Business licence No 66601/C. Mr Fernand SASSEL, Managing Director, received authorisation to set up as a chartered accountant in 1985. The share capital is held directly and indirectly by Mr Fernand SASSEL.

  • 1985 : Authorisation to set up as a chartered accountant
  • 1990 : Constitution of Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie