Business creation

Fiducaire Fernand Sassel & Cie can provide invaluable support when creating a business under Luxembourg law. As valuable partners in business, our chartered accountants will ensure the link between your company and the various economic stakeholders, particularly in legal and financial matters.

The Luxembourg Association of Chartered Accountants defends the interests of the profession and supports the activities of its members. As in all structured economies, our chartered accountants operate in a well-defined legal framework under the supervision of their Association. In this context, one of the services offered by Fiducaire Fernand Sassel & Cie is the provision of a registered office.

Création entreprise


Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie offers a service dedicated to domiciliation in Luxembourg. Thanks to its network in Luxembourg, Fiducaire Fernand Sassel & Cie can provide premises suited to its clients’ requirements. Domiciliation in Luxembourg is strictly regulated. It is governed by the Law of 31 May 1999 concerning the domiciliation of companies. While this law allows a restricted number of professionals (including chartered accountants, lawyers and financial service providers) to carry out domiciliations in Luxembourg, it also imposes certain obligations, notably vigilance and the fight against money-laundering mechanisms.

Management (PLC)

Companies in the form of a Luxembourg Private Limited Company (Société Anonyme) are required, during their establishment and later during their activity, to appoint at least one auditor. If necessary, Fiduciaire Fiduciaire Fernand Sassel & Cie can also provide the Board of Directors.

A privileged relationship with our clients

Whether for tax or management problems, elementary subjects or complex problems at national, cross-border or international level, our chartered accountants will accompany you from A to Z.